Semprio. Repeating without changing your grip

The Krieghoff Semprio is a magazine fed inline repeating rifle with easy tool-free take-down with interchangeable barrels and the utmost in packability and shootability. To operate, the barrel assembly is pushed forward to eject the empty cartridge case. Pulling the unit back feeds the next round from the magazine and the Semprio is ready for an instant follow up shot.

Calibers & Barrel Lengths:
19 5/8" (50 cm) Barrel:
.308 Win
21 5/8" (55 cm) Barrel:
.223 Rem, .243 Win, 6.5x55 SE, .270 Win., 7x64, 30.06 Spr., 8x57IS, 9.3x62
24 3/4" (63 cm) Barrel:
7mm Rem. Mag, .300 Win. Mag
Turkish Walnut or camo coated with Semprio cheek piece
Thumbhole stock with cheek piece
Scopes & Sights:
Open Sights
Scope Mount Quick Detachable Mount


  • Krieghoff In-Line repeating action
  • Black anodized or Nickel-plated action finish
  • Removable steel magazines
  • Universal Trigger System (Direct trigger and integrated set trigger)
  • Barrel and bolt head changes across all caliber groups
  • Combi-Cocking Device
  • Take down design (No tools required)
  • "Click-and-Go" sling swivel system
  • Prepared for Tip-off mount (Krieghoff Pro Mount)
  • Krieghoff Semprio hard case

Model Configuration Options

Semprio with standard Semprio Stock

Engraved model shown in anodized receiver and standard Right-Hand Semprio Stock

Semprio Magnum Caliber model

Semprio Magnum Cartridge shown with Black anodized finish abd upgraded CAT003 Semprio Stock. Standard with 25" barrel and 3+1 magazine capacity. Standard stock length (14.5"). Weight approx.

Semprio Camouflage Hunter

Green Camo Semprio stock with black anodized finish.

Hi-Vis Hunter Model with Thumbhole Stock

Orange Cammo Thumbhole Stock in Left-Hand configuration with black anodized finish.

Semprio Multi-barrel Set

The Semprio's modular design allows the shooter to quickly and easily change calibers by simply changing the barrel and bolt-head.

Specifications And Options

In addition to its revolutionary in-line repeating action, the Semprio is equipped with all the latest features.


The Krieghoff Combi-Cocking Device is used to control all key operations such as opening or cocking and uncocking.  Cocking and uncocking of the rifle is done completely silent and with minimal manual effort.


In the “Safe-to-carry” position, the action  is locked in a slightly forward open position which indicates the safe position of the rifle when hunting or at a shooting range.


The sling swivels can be installed and removed with just a push of a button.


Th Semprio features a detachable box magazine, giving the rifle a 4+1 capacity in standard calibers and a 3+1 capacity in magnum calibers .


“Take Down”- by definition, that’s taking apart for transport without the need for tools.  The Semprio is easily disassembled in a few simple steps. Reassembly is just as fast and easy. No tools required.


Changing calibers is fast and easy thanks to the genuine take-down system. The point of impact remains unchanged throughout the change of the entire barrel assembly.

Even changing the bolt head from magnum to standard or mini is accomplished without tools, thanks to the plug joint.


Short barrels, fluted barrels, barrel porting, and threaded muzzles with thread protector are all optional.



Engravings can lend character and individuality to a gun. There are several engraving options as well as full customization with unique designs in collaboration with our engravers.

See Catalog Engravings


Receivers can be finished in several types of protective finishes from black anodized and nickel.



Standard Buttstock

Straight comb; stock length 14,5″ which includes the standard 0,6″ black rubber recoil pad. Standard wood grade CAT002 Turkish Walnut with Oil Finish, alternative camouflage finish in “Blaze Orange” or “Forest Green”.


  • Stock without cheekpiece
  • Right-handed stock with Semprio cheekpiece
  • Left-handed stock with Semprio cheekpiece


Thumb hole stock

Straight comb, stock length 14,5″ which includes 0,6″ black rubber recoil pad.  Only available in std. grade wood . Oil finish; straight comb; ; alternative camouflage finish in “Blaze Orange” or “Forest Green”.


  • Thumb hole stock with Semprio cheekpiece, right-handed
  • Thumb hole stock with Semprio cheekpiece, left-handed
  • CAT002 (Standard)
  • CAT003 (Best Select)
  • CAT005 (Deluxe)

A custom fit stock is almost entirely hand made with only minimal pre-machining. Atypical stock dimensions and longer stock lengths generally require a custom fit stock. Further information on request.


Exclusive wood categories as stock blanks

Due to the high cost of raw materials, wood grades higher than CAT004 require a custom made stock. The exclusive stocks are limited. Therfore the availability of them can not be guaranteed.

Hand-crafted stock
    • Buttstock with standard dimensions
    • Buttstock with special dimensions, made to customer’s specifications
    • Forearm with standard dimensions
    • Forearm with special dimensions, made to customer’s specifications, beavertail or semi-beavertail forearm
Alternative stock finish
  • Camouflage finish in “Blaze Orange” or “Forest Green”
Monogram plate
  • Inlet into pistol grip cap
  • Steel pistol grip cap fully covering
  • Two letters, engraved
  • Two letters, in relief
  • Two letters, in silver
  • Two letters, in gold
BreaKO recoil reducer

Weight: 12,3 oz, diameter: 22,5 mm, length: 100 mm

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